Nicki wearing Enamorada necklace and earring set

Nicki wearing Enamorada necklace and earring set

What's in a Name

Zūk pronounced "Zook" was Designer Nicki Zuchowicz Horne's school nickname.

Origin of Zūk Designs

Nicki has always loved design, particularly three-dimensional. Her mother-in-law, a fabulous artist, taught her the basics of jewelry making and one Christmas gave her some tools and stones. Nicki created several necklaces for herself that people regularly inquired about and admired. These requests led her to create jewelry for others and Zūk Designs was born.

Design Concept

Strong yet feminine, Zūk Designs jewelry is designed to express an attitude, feeling or state of mind to accentuate your unique personality at work and play.

Sources of Inspiration

Nicki draws inspiration for her creations from the rich traditions and influences she experienced while growing up in Mexico and California. Every item is made by hand, with great care, using precious metals and an array of unusual semi-precious stones collected from around the world. Each piece is given a Spanish name that captures its essence. You'll find a translation in the item description.

Go ahead; indulge... Zūk Designs